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The Multiverse

In realities parallel to our own there lie countless versions of Earth. Here all possibilities exist, endlessly expanding beyond the limits of imagination, every individual choice branching out, rippling through the causal chain creating worlds of unimaginable diversity.

Once created, each reality remains separate, its history unfolding along a unique path and protected from other realities by a barrier impenetrable from the outside. Given time however all living creatures find a way to break through their reality’s boundaries and join the Multiverse. From that day forward the walls around a reality are forever weakened, irreversibly opening that reality to travelers from other worlds.

The Chronarch Imperium

Too often the first visitors to a newly opened world are the vast legions of the Chronarch Imperium, armed with advanced weaponry and unparalleled knowledge of the Multiverse they easily brush aside most worlds’ defenses.

The purpose of their apparent war of annihilation against all other worlds is unknown, as is the fate of the worlds that fall, but whatever the reason their blight must be stopped or all existence could fall under the Chronarch shadow.

The Pact

Facing obliteration at the hands of the Chronarchs a federation of worlds was forced to band together with the desperate goal of holding back the Chronarch’s dark tide. Within this network Heroes from many worlds join forces; each for their own reasons, in a struggle they know could prove futile.

As an inter-dimensional Hero you must fight to protect the worlds they would corrupt and destroy. Explore the many realities of the Multiverse, search for clues about the Chronarchs, and unleash the power to stop them!