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ChronoBlade FAQ

  • Q: What is ChronoBlade?

    ChronoBlade is a Free-to-Play action role playing game developed by a veteran team who has worked on such titles as Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto, Diablo II, Dead Space 2 & 3, Dante’s Inferno and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. ChronoBlade features side scrolling hack-and-slash brawler combat and complex character customization like skill trees and equipment upgrades.

  • Q: How many character classes are in ChronoBlade?

    There will be two character options at launch with several more to be released in the future. Each character will have unique skill sets and abilities. Characters and their skill-set specializations are designed to augment each other in multiplayer and cater to a wide range of combat style preferences while remaining viable in single player gameplay.

  • Q: When is ChronoBlade coming out?

    ChronoBlade Single Player is NOW in Open Beta on the browser via Facebook. Multiplayer PvP and Co-op will be going into Open Beta on Facebook later this summer/fall. ChronoBlade will launch on mobile/tablet/OUYA/other platforms after the browser launch is complete.

  • Q: I signed up for the Closed Beta. When will I receive my Epic Dragon Helm beta reward?

    We will be sending out the Epic Dragon Helms to all Closed Beta registrants and participants in the near future. We will post a message in our social media once the Epic Dragon Helm’s have been distributed.

  • Q: How much will it cost to play ChronoBlade?

    The game is FREE to play! All you’ll need is a web browser and an internet connection to instantly start playing. There are no large downloads required to start playing on the browser.

  • Q: What platforms will I be able to play ChronoBlade?

    ChronoBlade will initially launch on Facebook and then expand to other websites, mobile and tablet devices, and OUYA as well. As a multi-platform free-to-play game, we would like to make our game available everywhere that it makes sense.

  • Q: Who is the developer of ChronoBlade?

    ChronoBlade is developed by nWay Inc., an indie gaming startup based in San Francisco.

  • Q: How many skills and attacks will each character be able to learn?

    Each character will have 30+ unique skills and attacks to learn.

  • Q: Is there multiplayer gameplay?

    Yes, the game will feature both Co-op and PvP multiplayer gameplay. PvP is slated to go into Open Beta later this summer and Co-op will be playable later this fall.

  • Q: How do I play in full-screen mode?

    We do not currently provide full-screen support in Chrome due to technical issues. There is a full-screen viewing button available on the top in game bar when using non-Chrome browsers (Safari, IE, Firefox, etc.)